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Parliamentary election 2019 election map service

The election map service is a free-of-charge web service that provides data illustrated by maps and charts on the Parliamentary election 2019. Maps and bar charts can be used to examine such as voting turnout and its changes from the previous Parliamentary elections, parties with most votes, party support and changes in it, as well as the share of votes for the elected candidates. Maps are available by municipality, constituency and in the largest towns by voting district. The area level and theme can be selected from the side bar.

Each map has a link to a database table from which the data content of the map can be downloaded and saved in table format. There are links below each map to the home page of the statistics on Parliamentary elections and to the database tables of Parliamentary election 2019. The top of the page contains links to Statistics Finland's front page, contact information and feedback service, where you can give feedback to us.

The user instructions page The user instructions page provides more detailed information on the functions of the map and bar chart.

The election map service has been updated with confirmed results 24.4.2019.

Further inquiries:

Email: tietokannat@tilastokeskus.fi
Telephone: +358 29 551 2354