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11rb -- Population and change in population size by sex, 1750-2020
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Concepts and definitions
. missing
1789 to 1791 War years
1808 to 1809 War of Finland
1833 Cholera year
1836 Cholera year
1866 to 1868 Great Famine
1918 Civil war
1940 to 1944 World War II
1969 to 1970 Migration to Sweden

Starting from 1750 Population statistics have been digitised into PDF format in the National Library's Doria service:
Publications on Population structure and Vital statistics in Doria (in Finnish)
Publications on Population censuses in Doria (in Finnish)

Population 31 Dec
Population at the end of the statistical reference period.
Increase of population
Increase of population, or total change is the difference between the population of two consecutive statistical reference periods.