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004 -- Household consumption expenditure by statistical grouping of municipalities 1985-2016

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Concepts and definitions
Quality descriptions
Methodological descriptions
.. = less than 5 observations in cell
. = data not available
DG = durable goods
SG = semidurable goods
DIG = disposable goods
S = services
Current prices express amounts in EUR at the time of the survey. Year 2016 prices have been
calculated for the consumption expenditure items for which conversion coefficients
produced in connection with national accounts are available.
Individual changes concerning the year 2016: Some changes are made to the data collections of the Household Budget Survey, for example, on Eurostat’s initiative or to improve the fluency of interviews or to correct shortcomings. The changes affecting the data for 2016 are as follows:
1. Housing expenditure (group A04) does not include real estate insurance/fire insurance for a detached house or free-time residence, but it is part of home insurance (in group A12).
2. Bank charges (A1251101) are now asked for the first time in the interview and the derived average is considerably more reliable than the data obtained through the Household Budget Survey’s notebook.
3. The average for domestic one-day trips to the theatre and events (A0961102) has grown considerably from 2012. Apart from real growth, this may be due to the formulation of the question that slightly differed from the 2012 interview and the fact that the question was presented without a question filter, which decreased the respondent group in 2012.
4. Recreation and culture expenditure (A09) no longer includes the TV licence, which was discontinued in 2013. It was replaced by the public broadcasting tax, which, similarly as other taxes, is not included in consumption. It has an effect on disposable income.
5. The question concerning firewood bought for free-time residence was added in 2016 (affects group A0454103).

Consumption expenditure

The interview question of public healthcare charges has been changed (affects groups A0621102, A06311S1 ja A06311S2). The data are comparable to previous years when the above-mentioned groups are summed up.