Preliminary vital statistics by quarter and area 2010 - 2016
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Vital statistics

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Concepts and definitions
These statistics apply the regional division of 1 January 2016.
Data for annexed municipalities have been combined.
Preliminary data. The final statistics on population changes are published in the folder of each statistics in the StatFin database.
The preliminary data should not be used after the final data are published.
After the statistical reference quarter ends, Statistics Finland waits for
notifications of changes for two weeks before compiling the statistics.
Notifications of changes that arrive later are included in the next
statistics at the actual time when they occurred.
Vital statistics
Live births
Liveborn is the term for a newborn who breaths or shows other signs of life
after birth. Only liveborn children of women living permanently in Finland
are taken into account in the population statistics.
Deaths have to be reported immediately either to a physician or to the
police. The health care unit or the physician has to report the death to
the Population Information System or its maintainer. Statistics on deaths
are based on data derived from the Population Register Centre's Population
Information System maintained by local register offices. People who lived
permanently in Finland at the time of their death are entered in the
statistics on deaths in Finland.
Natural increase
Natural increase, or excess of births is the difference of the number of
livebirths and deaths.
Inter-municipal in-migration
Those changing place of domicile are expected within one week of the move
to report on the change of address, specifying all family members
involved in the move. The notice is delivered to the register office of
the new place of residence.
Net inter-municipal migration
Net inter-municipal migration is difference of inter-municipal in-migration
and inter-municipal out-migration.
Persons who have moved to Finland and who intend to reside in Finland for
more than twelve months or have resided in Finland over three months
without interruption must notify the register office of their move.
Foreign nationals who intend to live permanently in Finland must have
fulfilled during a year the preconditions of residence (EU national) and
have a valid residence permit for longer time than one year. In such cases
their place of domicile is determined according to the same principles as
for Finnish nationals. The local register office then enters these data to
the Population Information System. When a person migrates from one Nordic
country to another, the local population register of the country of exit
must provide the migrant with a Nordic Certification of Notice of
Departure to be delivered to the local population register of the country
of arrival. In accordance with an agreement between the Nordic countries,
a period of temporary residence of less than six months is not construed
as a move.
Net migration
Net migration is the difference of immigration and emigration.
Population increase
Population increase is the sum of natural increase, net inter-municipal
migration and net migration.
Preliminary population
Preliminary population figure at the end of the latest statistical reference
quarter. The population figure is the sum of the final population figure and
the increase in population of the previous year. The population figure is
reported only under total for quarters for years 2010 to 2015.


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