110 -- Parliamentary elections 1983-2019, data on voting
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Data on persons who voted by sex will be updated later.
Right to vote
Every Finnish citizen entered in legally valid electoral registers was
entitled to vote in 1983-1995. Persons who had reached the age of
18 by the end of the year prior to the election year and who had a domicile
in Finland as specified in the Population Register Act on the first day of
the year prior to the election year and were not without a right to vote
for a specific reason were entered in the electoral register of each
municipality (in 1983 and 1987 persons entered in the domicile register of
the municipality concerned). Finnish citizens resident abroad who were or had
been entered in population registers in Finland were entered as entitled to
vote in the electoral registers of the constituencies concerned. Such
persons may only use their right to vote in advance voting at Finnish
missions abroad, at the establishments of Post and Telecommunications
Offices in Finland, or on board ships.
In 1999-2019, every Finnish citizen, irrespective of his/her
place of domicile, who on the election day at the latest was 18 years old,
was eligible to vote. At present, almost all Finnish citizens are entitled
to vote.
The Population Register Centre prepares a
register of those entitled to vote into which each person with a right to
vote according to the population information system is entered.
Grouping of municipalities and constituencies
Municipalities are placed in constituencies in accordance with the division
of constituencies in force in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. With regard
to earlier elections, it should be noted that the total number of
constituencies is correct but municipalities are not always under the right
constituencies. This is because municipalities may have changed