019 -- Historical time series: National accounts 1860-2017
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Statistics Finland
Economic and Environmental Statistics
National accounts
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Statistics Finland and Hjerppe, Riitta (1989) The Finnish Economy 1860-1985: Growth and Structural Change


The historical time series of national accounts contain time series describing Finland's economy starting from 1860. The time series of the statistics were built in the so-called growth study research project between the 1960s to 1980s. The time series have been continued with the data updated from 1975 onwards. The current price series of the statistics are given in the new Finnish markka or euros with the exception of the series between 1860 to 1960, where the value of GDP is calculated in the old Finnish markka or at current prices corresponding to the value prior to the 1963 monetary reform. The current price value of this series was obtained by multiplying the series in the new Finnish markka by one hundred. Euros were converted into the Finnish markka by multiplying them by the figure 5.94573.
Employment has been measured as hours worked and the number of employed persons since 1960. Previously work input was measured as staff-years, which meant that part-time employees were converted to full-time employees. The concept of staff-year does not taken into consideration changes in the annual number of hours worked. The labour input index describes the development of staff-years between 1860 and 1960 and it has been extended with the series of actual working hours of 1960 and with the series of actual working hours of 1975 in accordance with ESA2010.
Riitta Hjerppe's book 'The Finnish Economy 1860-1985: Growth and Structural Change' includes description about the calculation methods can be found from the website of the Bank of Finland in a pdf-format: https://helda.helsinki.fi/bof/handle/123456789/14338
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