1. 001 -- General government debt by quarter

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    1. Debtor: S13 General government, S1311 Central government, S1313 Local government, S1314 Social security funds, (4)
    2. Instrument: AF2-AF4 Assets and liabilities total, AF22 Transferable deposits, AF29 Other deposits, AF31 Money-market instruments, ..., AF42 Long-term loans (7)
    3. Quarter: 2000Q1, 2000Q2, 2000Q3, 2000Q4, ..., 2018Q4 (76)

  2. 002 -- Central government guarantees by quarter starting from 2005, EUR million

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    1. Tiedot: New guarantees granted during the quarter, Guarantees expired during the quarter, Stock of guarantees at the end of the quarter, Compensations paid during the quarter, ..., Revenue from repayments received during the quarter (6)
    2. Sector: S0 Sectors total, S11 Non-financial corporations, S12 Financial and insurance corporations, S13 General government, ..., S2 Rest of the world (7)
    3. Quarter: 2005Q1, 2005Q2, 2005Q3, 2005Q4, ..., 2018Q4 (56)