118i -- Producer Price Index (2010=100), 1995M01-2019M09
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Producer price indices, Statistics Finland


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Industry (NACE, MIG)
The industrial classification divides units into industry classes based on their main economic activity. The main economic activity is the one that produces a majority of the unit's value added. The classification used is the Finnish national classification (TOL) derived from the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE).
Point figure (2010=100)
Point figure is a change quantity used in price indices, which expresses the price, average price or index of the reference period relative to the price, average price or index of the base period. The index figure of the base period is usually denoted by the number hundred. For example, if the index figure of the commodity is 105.3 in a certain period, it means that the price of the commodity has risen by 5.3 per cent from the base period.
Monthly (2010=100)
Monthly change is the relative change in the index from a time period one month before. The change is usually reported in percentages.
Yearly change (2010=100)
Annual change is the relative change of the index in comparison with the corresponding time period one year ago (e.g. annual change of total index of consumer prices, i.e. inflation).