001 -- Consumer Prices of Domestic Fuels in Energy Production (VAT not included)
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Statistics Finland
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The Bioenergy Association of Finland/Association of Finnish Peat Industries, Statistics Finland, Energy prices


Concepts and definitions
The prices of sod peat were corrected on 16 June 2015 starting from the last quarter of 2013 to correspond
to the transport journey of 50 km (previously 100 km).
Peat: The prices are averages weighted by the deliveries of certain member companies
of the Confederation of Peat Industries and, therefore, vary according to consumer depending
on the transportation distance and/or contract terms. The price of delivered peat includes a transportation
distance of 100 km for milled peat and 50 km for sod peat. Until the second quarter of 2005
the prices include an excise tax, which applies to plants with an annual minimum peat consumption of 25 GWh.
As of the beginning of 2011, plants using peat in excess of 5 GWh are liable to pay excise duty.
Thermal values: milled peat 0,9 MWh/m3, sod peat 1,4 MWh/m3. The price of energy peat for the second quarter
of 2014 is an estimate because the price developed rather heterogeneously during the period in question and,
therefore, the price data were not representative.
The price of delivered sod peat in the second quarter of 2008 is an estimate as there was not a sufficient
number of deliveries.
Fuel chips: Sample includes both forest residue chips and industrial wood residue chips.
Delivered, transportation distance not specified. The prices are not valid for the whole country.
Forest Chips: Enquiry definitions: Delivered, transportation distance 50 kilometres. Crushed stumps not included.
Chipped/crushed product, sold on real markets (shipments within a corporate group not included).
Nevertheless, includes small amounts of crushed stumps and unchipped shipments.
Information on the price development of forest chips and other wood fuels is available from FOEX.