112s -- Average prices of old dwellings in housing companies and numbers of transactions, 2010-, 2010-2018
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Price per square meter (EUR/m2):
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Prices of dwellings in housing companies, Statistics Finland


Data on prices per square metre in the table were corrected on 23 August 2019.
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Building type
A classification for different types of dwellings. For example, blocks of flats, attached houses, detached houses. The dwelling price statistics utilise the categories blocks of flats and attached houses. The data on attached houses also include detached houses with shares in a housing corporation.
Number of rooms
The number of rooms is the number of rooms in a dwelling. Kitchen is not counted as a room. Dwellings with at least three rooms belong to the category 3h+.
Price per square meter (EUR/m2)
Prices per square metre are weighted geometric averages of square metre prices (EUR/m²).
The data on numbers describe asset transfer tax statements received from the Tax Administration by the time of release in the area. The data on numbers of old dwellings in housing companies will become revised in the following releases so that the final data for the year are published in the release concerning the first quarter of the following year. It is not recommended to use the latest month...s number of transactions when describing the activeness of trading.

The number of transactions also include transactions of price controlled HITAS dwellings and Housing Finance and Development Centre ARA dwellings in the area not included in the price indices and prices per square metre.